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In front of the tank with miniature Rainbow Darts. Beauty looks different underwater don't you think? Orchid suggests. I mean fish are ugly creatures really, when you think about it. But they're so pretty in there. Chipper contemplates her perception. She's right. Sight beyond that which is written. Cognitive process that is unafraid of broad-line reason. 'Deep,' to coin the street lingo and deliver a submersible pun. That's an endearing trait in any person. It houses interest and ignites intrigue. Chipper's feelings are becoming more youtube excited by the minute. Depends how you chose to interpret the definitions of beauty, Chipper poses. He watches the fish carefully. Their slight bodies are propelled this way and that. A sense of frailty follows them around thanks to the translucent nature of their fins, silky and featherlike. Gills open and close. Mouths pout. Bodies glide. Miniature spectacles. The sea champions of Lilliput. Atlantis draws itself like a mirage in Chipper's mind. Plato's world must be utopia. Anybody who has an affinity with the ocean must believe that to be true. Chipper's cousin once recounted a story about his experience of aquatic marvel. Though soon after his life was spent following a fatal error whilst diving on a coral reef. A lesson perhaps...that nature's gardens are not meant to be stained by man's hand, and therefore become aquatic wonderlands for buy youtube views all to spoil. Chipper enjoyed his cousin's visits, and will always remember the last story he google told. The following morning Chipper's cousin rose. His girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Before he had time to establish her whereabouts his amazement was tested once again as his gaze reached out to a most beautiful arc of white sand. His ears took to the caressing pitch of the ocean as it stroked the shore. He stood like a child implanted in a Disney cartoon. He then heard a different splashing sound and a distinct cry. Flipper. He recognized the sound only because of a life in front of the TV with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after school. Re-runs from the golden eras. Despite all his adventures he'd never met with one of the Earth's most intelligent animals. He walked through the brush towards the sea. His girlfriend was up to her waist in the water. The cry became the chatter of the dolphin. She was playing with them. Further up the coast you could pay to watch them. Humans giving humans the privilege at buy youtube views buy youtube views a youtube cost. Here the dolphins were giving that privilege themselves.People all around the buy youtube views world see the mammal as an emblem of peace. They hold buy youtube views it in awe, admire its intelligence, and hope that one day they might see one. Chipper's cousin walked in and joined his girlfriend. The dolphins trusted these humans and let them become guests, for this short moment, in their home. For these two people it stamped a moment in their lives, which enhanced by the location, would shine light through any stormy day. Chipper's cousin let it be known that for several seconds you almost become tempted to have the dolphins guide you to the heart of the ocean. Perhaps they are the riders of Atlantis, Poseidon's servants whom only give the offer of the unknown to very few. Be humble, be wise, be gentle and the most absolute utopia will be revealed. We breathe liquid in the womb. We have to breathe liquid again if heaven is to be reached? Chipper stopped having fish as objects of decoration at that point and began to keep them as guardians of his sanity. Ugly is the world we live